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About Us

About PX Wholesales & No Limit 4x4 & Outdoor

PX Wholesales and No Limit 4x4 & Outdoor is 100% Australian owned and operated! We buy in large volumes enabling us to sell to you at the best price! We reward repeat business and guarantee 100% satisfaction. Our team have over 20 years combined experience in the industry.

We offer a large variety of merchandise including a full range of lighting products (LED and energy saving lighting for home, automotive, marine, etc.), 4X4 and Outdoor Adventure gear, as well as a full range of the highest quality accessories.

  • Experience

    We love four-wheel-driving and we make a point of getting out there, getting around, and getting dirty absolutely every chance we get.


    That's why you can trust us to steer you right. We know what works and what doesn't, we know the best gear for your vehicle or adventure and the type of terrain you intend to tackle!

  • Range and choice

    We believe in offering our customers the widest possible range of products and helping them make the best possible choice.


    We are committed to delivering a One-Stop Shop for all your 4x4 and Outdoor adventures by stocking a wide range of quality popular brands. The choice is yours.

  • Total confidence

    When you're headed out you need complete confidence in your equipment " and that's exactly what you'll get at PX Wholesales.

    We use our 4x4s, and we use our products. Everything we sell has been thoroughly tested and proven " often under extreme conditions.


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