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  • Brand: RHINOHIDE
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Rhinohide TYLCR15

Rhinohide is now available for the Facelift Toyota LandCruiser 200 Series

These panels are designed to fit models made from 2015 onwards.
Each kit comes complete in a convenient carry bag which weighs less than 10kgs when packed.
Rhinohide for the Toyota LandCruiser 200 series is currently available in our “Rhinohide Grey” shade.

Please note: These panels are available for both the original (2008-2015) and facelift (2015 onwards) models. Please ensure you select the correct model before making your purchase.


  • Designed for the Toyota LandCruiser 200 Series
  • Model run 2015 onwards (Facelift)
  • The panels are constructed out of high impact, UV and thermally stabilised ABS plastic.
  • The panels attach to the exterior of the LandCruiser through the use of rare earth neodymium magnets – some of the strongest magnets on the planet.
  • The magnets have an epoxy coating, and further silicone lining to prevent scratching to your vehicle.
  • The panels conform perfectly to the vehicle’s surface, providing unrivalled paintwork protection.
  • The whole set weighs less than 10kgs when packed away in the convenient carry bag.
  • The dimensions of the bag when packed are 1250mm x 880mm x 150mm
  • The panels are manufactured in our Rhinohide Grey shade.
  • The grey base is very easy to respray in any colour you require. It is recommend that you take the panels to a professional panel beater or spray shop to achieve the best possible finish.
  • The ABS plastic panels can also be custom wrapped with graphics or your company logo.

Installation Instructions

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